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Human Problems

Today's human being is suffering with various problems. The main problem behind these problems is the lifestyle. The modern lifestyle generate physical and mental pressure due to which toxins accumulate in the body and the mind is unduly stressed. The weakness develop and thus unable the physical and mental ability of the body to adjust. So, the imbalance system of human body causes diseases.

Modern lifestyles generate Physical and Mental Pressure

Mankind has been offered cure for various diseases or human ills which varies from economical, social, political and what not. Our present lifestyle has entrapped us in a vicious circle. In todayís fast life, the moment one gets up in the morning, his or her mind is full of tension to fulfill the jobs and commitments for the day at any cost. The result is that by night he or she is more exhausted and tense for the next day's pressure and the circle goes on like this weaving him or her into more and more problems everyday.

The age factor also contributes to various problem in the human being. Some of the major diseases could be the loss of vigour and vitality, erosion in ability to concentrate and make decisions, forgetfulness, frequent fits of anger, tension, indigestion, constipation, irritation, frustration, depression, high BP and various other cardiac problems.

Todayís man to keep of with this pace, has started using doctor. This in turn forced him to suffer from various side effects which are often worse, then the disease itself.

Henri Bengson says...
"For a conscious person, to exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly..."

It can be said that change donít come easily. We not only need to learn new perspectives, skills and behaviours, we need to integrate what we have learned into a bigger picture. We must experience new ways of being more and then we will naturally experience doing and having more.

So now the human being need some remedy to remove the diseases. These remedies could be the human body supplements and nature. Nature shows the way of simple technique how do you live in without common medicines management. The human body building supplements are the beauty clinic, health club and gym.

Are the Human Body Supplements really healthy?
The various human body building supplements are Beauty Clinic, Health Club, Gym and various medicines, etc. The youngsters adopt these supplements in order to tone up their body and to get immediate benefit. But in long run these supplements are proved to be harmful to the health. The youngsters are not maintained with the same body or health. There are various reasons behind this.

Logic and Skills
The youth groups go to an artificial health club in order to maintain their well built health of the human body. Body cannot accept artificial pressure for developing health so in long run it cannot maintain same health. The long use of these body supplements also causes various serious problems like mental and psychological disturbance, insomnia, heart problems and stress which could even lead further to death. In the various foreign countries these supplement packets should not to be used until and unless doctorís recommendation. But in India there is no such statutory warning on those product. Our body is built by nature. So one must try to accept the natural way of living style which can stay for a long time. To maintain the health, sufficient or proper food is must. Basically for developing body or health, a normal body produces proteins and nutrients from the food consumed which is sufficient for a normal person. A proper and balanced diet should contain Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Water and Roughage (fiber). Besides this, one must avoid smoking, oily food, alcohol and any beverages.


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