Incense Sticks Types


Incense sticks are the most frequently used incense product that has become synonymous with religious prayers and ritual ceremonies. These sticks are known with different names in different countries like, Agarbatti in India and Joss stick in China. Along with religious prayers and rituals, today, they are widely used during meditation, spiritual sessions and yoga practices. Incense sticks are also commonly used in everyday life as air fresheners and in aromatherapy as mood enhancer or stress relieving agent. Different natural herbs, flowers, aromatic oils are used for making these sticks. In India, most of the incense sticks are still made by hands. Many herbal extracts and aromatic oils, powders are used to form the paste. This paste is evenly applied on the thin bamboo stick to form aromatic incense sticks. The stink of bamboo is clearly noticed when you burn these incense sticks.


Different Incense Sticks

Rose Incense Stick – Rose is well known for its excellent aromatic fragrance. The soft sweet fragrance of rose is known for creating romantic atmosphere. Rose fragrance helps to reduce anxiety, stress, aging, sadness, depression and enhances mental and emotional well being. The rose incense sticks made from rose petals and rose oil contain all the aromatic and healing properties of rose, hence, when burned, they increase psychic powers, heal emotional pain and sooth anger. These sticks are also good for physical health, especially effective in dealing with insomnia, phobias and stress. Rose incense sticks are also burnt when dealing with love, love divination and enchantment. These sticks are also believed to bring good luck.

Saffron Incense – Saffron is world famous spice which has many medicinal and aromatic properties. It is commonly used in perfumes and as incense due to its rich smooth fragrance. Saffron helps to balance the nervous system and calm the mind. For thousands of year it has been in use for achieving calm, awareness and energy. It is also used in aromatherapy. Saffron fragrance is important part of rituals due to its spiritual perspective. The soft natural fragrance of saffron has fresh sea air like affect thus when lit, it opens up the mind, spirit and heart.


Sandalwood Incense – Sandalwood is renowned for its soul-stirring fragrance and it is one of the oldest known incense. It has been used for nearly 4,000 years in Asia as an incense fragrance. It possesses a great refreshing, relaxing and a bit sensual scent that helps the awakening of intelligence encourages the calm state of mind and aids in the transmutation of sexual energy. Sandalwood fragrance is widely used in meditation also because it provides relaxation and grounding, enhances mental clarity, and heightens awareness. With all its protective and healing properties, the sandalwood leaves a soothing, joyous effect on the mind and body as well.


Lavender Incense – Lavender with its pleasant gentle fragrance is commonly used in many aromatic formulations. It has soothing, rejuvenating and antiseptic properties that helps to relieve tiredness, ease sore muscles, balances emotions and releases stress and tension. Lavender incense is especially useful to promote peace, happiness and love. It also improves sleep and soothes anger. Lavender incense sticks are said to relieve stress and headaches when burnt in the work place.


Jasmine Incense – Jasmine flower is known as “Queen of the Night” in India for its stimulating fragrance it released at night. Jasmine has an anti-depressant, aphrodisiac properties that make it a sought after incense. It is used in aromatherapy to calm the emotions, and to stimulate sexual desires. It has a great confidence boosting qualities and produces a feeling of confidence, optimism and euphoria hence proves valuable remedy for depression, stress and fatigue. When burnt, jasmine incense spreads delightfully in the air and rejuvenates, restores the balance of energy, calms the mind, body and soul.

  Lotus Incense – Lotus, known as sacred flower is used in religious offering in many cultures. It has many medicinal and aromatic properties also. Lotus fragrance said to improve spirituality, ethereal and divine inspiration. When burned as incense, it is believed to promote the dead to seek their highest possible reincarnation. Lotus is symbol of love, divinity and said to bring Good Luck and God’s blessings.  
  Basil Incense - Basil or Tulsi is perhaps the most sacred plant of India. Basil opens the heart and mind, provides divine protection, clear the aura and strengthens the immune system. When burnt as incense it eliminates negativity and brings good luck to home. Basil scent helps to improve sympathy between two people hence, used to mend lovers' quarrels, or to avoid clashes. It also and protect you in crowds. Basil is also an anti stress agent that soothes mind and advance relaxation thus good for meditation and spiritual practices.  
  Lemon Incense – Lemon has distinctively refreshing fragrance. Lemon scent is commonly used in purification and healing oils. Lemon incense promotes purification and love, refreshes mind, strengthens and soothes nerves and eases depression.  

Rosemary Incense – Rosemary is popular incense known as one of the best mental stimulants and concentration aids. When burned, it produces powerful cleansing and sanitizing vibrations that eradicates negativity from the surroundings. It is traditionally used prior to performing magical acts. It is one of the oldest incenses and used for protection, exorcism, cleansing, healing, good sleep, maintaining youth, promoting love and enhancing intellectual powers.


Herbal Incense – Herbal incense sticks are made by mixing different aromatic medicinal herbs. These sticks refreshes air, purifies the atmosphere and promotes peace and mental stability. The herbal mixture used in these sticks has many curative properties that help to relieve stress. These sticks are excellent aid for meditation as they clear negative vibrations and promote tranquility.


Incense Sticks

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Incense Sticks Types

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